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“Yuchi refused!”

Qin Lanyus red lips moved, but she did not speak.

She really did not expect such a result.

She had previously researched Yuchis past!

In a human city, a person was considered an adult at the age of 14.

From that point on, they had to be legally responsible for everything they did.

Yuchi seemed to be a scammer and an opportunist.

He would go wherever there was an opportunity, scam money if he could, and run if he could not.

Later on, after securing a large-scale loan, Yuchi chose to invest in something.

The market price of the item he invested in soon plummeted, and he went bankrupt instantly.

After he went bankrupt, all of his previous possessions went up in smoke, and his creditors all filed a lawsuit against him with the Department of Inspection.

After the interrogation by the Department of Inspection, his assets were confiscated and he was sentenced to spend ten years in the Netherworld Sea prison.

At that time, Yuchi seemed to be seventeen or eighteen years old.

He was only seventeen or eighteen years old.

Logically speaking, he should not have reached the stage where he could understand the ruthlessness of the world and the darkness in peoples hearts.

Under such circumstances, it was normal for him to suffer a huge blow and have psychological problems.

Hence, Qin Lanyu wanted to help Yuchi this time and pull him out of despair.

However, the result was that she had talked for so long, but the other party had rejected her help directly.

Most importantly, it was not a rejection due to low self-esteem.

It was a very indifferent rejection, as if they had been casually talking about food and drinks for the past ten minutes.


Qin Lanyu looked at the man in front of her.

“Yuchi, do you want to drink warm water or cold water”

“Cold water,” Yuchi said.

Yes, it was a simple question and answer, and the answer itself did not have any meaning, and it would be stupid to try to read into it.

“Still, this shouldnt be the case.”

“This kind of thing should be approached with a modicum of seriousness.”

Thinking this, Qin Lanyu looked at Yuchi with concern.

Yuchi immediately displayed an expression that seemed to indicate,I have no problem, Im quite normal.

He even pursed his lips and gave himself a thumbs up.

“Im okay!” Yuchis eyes were bright.

‘Pfft! I really want to stomp your “Im okay” to the ground! Qin Lanyu was annoyed.

‘Right, I was right about him.

Yuchi was just so indifferent.

He was neither sad nor happy.

He did not cry or make a fuss.

He actually seemed carefree!

Why was this so

Why was he able to remain so calm when he encountered such a thing Qin Lanyu could not understand, so she looked toward Fengyi.

She was looking for an answer from Fengyi.

In Qin Lanyus eyes, although Fengyi and Yuchis relationship was not that of a couple, it still seemed to be quite good.

Did Fengyi know something about Yuchi that she did not

How would Fengyi “know”

She appeared to be in a daze and blinked her cute and beautiful big eyes.

Of course, under such circumstances, Fengyi would definitely not rashly say something nonsensical.

This was because she did not understand Yuchi at all.

It was not her place to rashly evaluate a person without understanding him, or even say that she wanted to pull him out of the sea of despair.

Fengyi knew that she was not a psychologist.

She knew very little about psychology and was just going with the flow.

Hence, when she met Qin Lanyus gaze…

Fengyi decisively chose to believe that there was no problem with Yuchi.

She believed that Yuchi could handle everything on his own.

After all, he was already doing just fine here.

Over the next half an hour, Qin Lanyu kept trying to persuade Yuchi.

The main topic of discussion was when they would start treatment.

First, she said that she knew that many people would have a psychological resistance to intervention, but there was no need to worry about that.

Second, she said that this kind of psychological treatment was free and came with no strings attached, and as such would not burden Yuchi financially.

Third, she said that if Yuchi directly ignored his current mental state, there might be bigger problems in the future.

Just as Qin Lanyu was about to go into the matter in-depth…

Yuchi finally interrupted the conversation with a warm and kind tone of voice.

He stood up with the help of the broken table in front of him.

As he met the other partys disbelieving gaze, he said, “Like what I said earlier, lets give this opportunity to the others.”

“Thank you, Dr.


“Youre a good person.”

Qin Lanyu was dumbfounded.

She did not know whether to laugh or cry.


Was she a good person


‘Im really grateful for your praise.

You keep praising me and telling me that Im a good person.

Im really touched…

Oh my God!

‘Ive always been the one saying this to other men in the past to reject them, but I didnt expect that karma would come back to bite me like this.

Yuchi, on the other hand, had a wide smile on his face.

“Of course, I am grateful for your good intentions.”

“So, if you need help with anything in the future, you can come and look for me at any time.

I can help you with something, no matter how big or small it is.”

He was quite serious when he said that.

The words “so arrogant” popped up in Qin Lanyus mind.

Yuchi had actually said such arrogant words so calmly and with a straight face!

What did he mean by “no matter how big the favor is, Ill be able to help”

What was up with that Did that mean that she could look for him if she could not get married in the future

Qin Lanyu was left speechless.

She had always thought of herself as someone who took care of others, but she did not expect to have a patient offer to take care of her today.

This was too exaggerated.

Even if Qin Lanyu did not look down on Yuchi, he was still a prisoner.

Yuchi still owed a lot of people money outside.

After he was released from prison, he would have to find a way to pay back the money.

Yuchi could not even fend for himself, so how could he help others

Not to mention, from Qin Lanyus point of view, he was still exhibiting some psychological problems that needed to be studied in detail.

Fengyi stood behind Yuchi.

Her thoughts were completely different from Qin Lanyus.

She was extremely envious.

She knew how strong Yuchi was now.

He was an extremely terrifying powerhouse!

Qin Lanyu was able to obtain Yuchis approval and favor.

This was already a matter that made her quite envious.

A person who could exterminate an A grade beast tamer had to have unusually terrifying strength!

Just as Qin Lanyu was about to say something, Fengyi immediately took out a brand new mobile phone from her bag.

She smiled as handed the phone to Yuchi, who wore a slightly puzzled look.

“The previous matter was indeed my fault!”

“And this small cell phone is my token of apology!”

“Its not expensive, but I hope you can accept it!”

Fengyis white fingers held the phone outstretched as she bent down and bowed deeply.

Her hair fell on both sides of her face.

She was very sincere.

Yuchi definitely would not make things hard for her at this point.

He nodded and accepted it.


When Fengyi saw that Yuchi had accepted her small gift, she became really happy.

She and Qin Lanyu had different views regarding Yuchi.

Qin Lanyu felt that Yuchi might have some mental illness, but she did not think so.

She felt that it was good that Yuchi had no problems.

“How about this”

“Senior, please take down Dr.

Qins contact details.

If you feel that you have any psychological problems, you can contact her directly!”

Yuchi pondered for a moment.

He felt that he would not be able to convince Qin Lanyu for the time being.

In that case, what Feng Yi suggested was a solution.

He nodded.


“Leave it to me!”

“Ill help you deal with it, Senior!”

Fengyi immediately helped Yuchi set up his phone with great enthusiasm.

He added Qin Lanyus contact details, as well as her own contact details.

Qin Lanyu was rather surprised by the way Fengyi addressed Yuchi.


“Why would someone from the same generation call the other party senior”

“And if Im not wrong, Fengyi should be a descendant of a major family in the city!”

There would be a lot of problems if someone possessing such a noble status respectfully addressed a prisoner as “senior.”

However, just as she was about to say something about it…

Yuchi took the phone from Fengyis hand, then said a few words with a smile.

He did not give them the chance to continue the conversation and left.

“Hes gone…”

Qin Lanyu was still in a daze.

Did she come to the Netherworld Sea prison for nothing In the end, would she not have the chance to treat Yuchi

Was there actually someone who would reject my treatment

Qin Lanyu felt that this whole matter was incredulous.

“Doctor Qin!”

Fengyi, on the other hand, held her hands in excitement.


Qin Lanyu was confused.

“Dont forget!” Fengyi said excitedly, “If you encounter any problems that you cant solve on your own in the future, you can call this number!”

“I cant say too much to you, but since he has acknowledged you, hes more than willing to help you with the problem!”

“Is this for real” Qin Lanyu was dumbfounded.

She could sense Fengyis respect for Yuchi, but where did her confidence in him come from

She did not understand!

“Its fine even if you dont understand.

You just need to remember what I said.

I wouldnt lie to you!” Fengyi said with a smile.

“Alright then!”

“Ill remember that!”

“If Im really in danger, Ill contact him,” Qin Lanyu could only say this with a slight tinge of embarrassment.

In her heart, she added,If its a problem that I cant solve, why would I call him over Just to let him suffer with me

After that, while Fengyi was feeling happy, Qin Lanyu looked at the contacts on her phone.

One of the contacts, whose profile picture had been replaced with a cartoon character, was Yuchi.

The colorful little flowers were very childish, like artwork drawn by a three or four-year-old child.

A layer of cold sweat appeared on Qin Lanyus forehead.

“Its hard to imagine that the man hiding behind the cartoon avatar is such a man!”

“As expected, Fengyi is still quite energetic.”



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