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Netherworld Sea prison.

It had been half a month since Yuchi slew the Three-headed Naga Siren.

During this time, he did not encounter other ancient existences that were the slightest bit difficult.

Although he did fight a couple of ancient monsters, none of them were worth mentioning in comparison with the Three-headed Naga Siren.

The situation at the Netherworld Sea prison had stabilized.

Before that historic battle, Yuchi had cut off the anchors that held the Netherworld Sea prison island in place, which caused the entire island to float away.

If he had not done so, the battle would have affected the other prisoners on the island.

Although the glass on the windows of the prison building were broken, none of the prisoners were injured.

Overall, things were still okay.

It was the mental state of the prisoners that had suffered a serious shock.

Now, one by one, they all prayed before eating, and even mumbled something about the Thunder God having mercy upon them.

Yuchi had also seen a group of burly prisoners holding chopsticks with a pious expression on their faces.

He did not know what to say about this.

He had probably founded a new religion.

Of course, there were many prisoners who had penned letters to their families in the city to tell them about what had happened.

Whenever they went outside, they would first look at the sky to see if there were any lightning dragons watching them.

Yuchis days also became more relaxed.

Every day, he would battle with the ancient monsters, and then sit at the edge of the Netherworld Sea and stare into it.


When he was free, he would go to the prison grounds to take a stroll.

When he was busy, he would sit by the sea and clean the reef and shore that he had lived on all year round.

Today, another helicopter descended from the sky, and a man wearing sunglasses hopped out of it.

The man was empty-handed, but hid a gun under his coat.

This assassin had been sent by the person who was pursuing Qin Lanyu.

After arriving at the prison, he had directly asked the other prisoners where Yuchi was.

The other prisoners were definitely a little confused, but the person did say that he was Yuchis brother, and even brought out some gifts for the other prisoners.

As such, the other prisoners relaxed and pointed out Yuchis direction to the assassin.

“Okay, you guys have fun here.

Ill go find my brother.”

After saying that, the assassin nodded and left with a smile.

He was too casual.

Still, according to the intelligence, Yuchi was just a young prisoner, probably around 19 or 20 this year.

With that being the case, all it would take to kill Yuchi was one bullet.

The assassin felt that this assignment was easy money.

It would be great if all the assassination targets of his organization were like this.

The target, Yuchi, was someone marginalized by society, did not have the ability to resist and, furthermore, no one would bother with his death or seek revenge on his behalf.

If an assassination target was like this, and offered a decent reward, every assassin would jump at the chance to make an easy buck.

He hummed and walked toward the beach.

After five or six minutes, he saw Yuchi, who was, to no ones surprise, fishing.

“You still have the mood to fish here What fish can you catch in the Netherworld Sea anyway”

“What a strange fellow.”

“He must be a fool.”

The assassin was very calm.

He looked around to make sure that no one was watching.

He then took out the gun from his coat.

The gun was equipped with a silencer.

Although it could not completely silence the shot, he was still some distance away from the prison grounds, so no one would hear it.

The muzzle of the pistol was already aimed at the back of Yuchis head.

There was no need to hesitate.

He gently pulled the trigger, and the gun emitted a high-pitched whistling noise.

By that time, the bullet had already hit the back of Yuchis head.


As he spoke, he took out his phone.

After dealing with any target, he would take a photo.

This would be evidence of the completion of his assignment.

The camera on the phone was already aimed at Yuchis back.

Then, he realized that something was wrong.

Why was the other party still sitting there so calmly

Logically speaking, although the bullet he used was a small-caliber bullet, it could still kill in one shot!

He had been practicing his marksmanship for so many years, so there was definitely no problem on that end.

Why was he unharmed then

While the assassin was feeling a little puzzled, Yuchi slowly turned his head.

There was a brief surge of joy in his eyes, but when he saw that the other party did not possess any real strength, the joy in his eyes was instantly extinguished.

In Yuchis eyes, the current situation was akin to an elephant being bitten by a lone ant.

Would the elephant get angry at the ant

No way.

They were not on the same level at all, so there was no need for him to get angry at this weakling.

Anyone in this situation would probably just stare at the other party and laugh it off.

Yuchi was no different.

Other than when he was in his hunting mode, he was a normal adult.

Yuchi only calmly looked at the assassin.

He did not say a word and just turned around to continue fishing.

When he turned his head to fish again, a flattened bullet hit the ground.

The bullet had fallen off the back of his head.

The assassin was speechless.

The assassin rubbed his eyes and took another look at the scene on his phone screen.


He felt goosebumps all over his body, and he did not dare to utter a word.


The bullet hit the opponents skull, right

Why was the bullet blocked just like that It did not cause any damage at all.

Was the other party so powerful

However, the physical fitness of an ordinary beast tamer was not considered strong.

So why had this happened

The assassin did not dare to delve too much into the details.

As an assassin, the right thing to do now was to escape!

After escaping, he should pretend that this matter never happened.

As for Yuchi, he would not be bothered about such trivial things.

However, this assassin had already made a wrong choice.

He had decided to go back and ask for help.

When he returned, he had to immediately inform his assassin organization!

“After offending someone, you have to kill that person!”

“Otherwise, this person would definitely seek revenge!”

Those were the teachings of his assassin organization!

He retreated quickly.

He wanted to go somewhere quiet and then make a call to his own assassin organization.

However, in the end, when he turned his head again, Yuchi was already in front of him.

The whistling sound of Yuchis body movement appeared after he did!

This person had moved faster than the speed of sound

He looked at the figure who had suddenly appeared in front of him in disbelief.

His expression was extremely nervous, and he was frightened out of his wits.

However, there was noafter that.

A wisp of flame traveled from Yuchis hand into his mouth.

As the brutal Hellfire flames burned, the assassins entire body suddenly disintegrated, blown away by the wind like ashes, leaving nary a trace.

During his last moments, the assassins eyes were filled with fear.

He was completely and utterly suppressed by the power of this person.

He envisioned a venomous snake that covered the sky.

Those venomous eyes stared at him with bloodshot eyes, frightening him to the point that he could not move his body, let alone say anything!


‘What on earth did I encounter on this assassination mission

‘Was he a human or a ghost

Three minutes later, another prisoner walked over to the shore.

When he saw Yuchi fishing, he also smiled and walked over to greet him.

“Yuchi, your brother came to look for you.

Why dont I see him with you”

Yuchi turned his head with a smile and said naively, “I dont know.

Ive been fishing all this time.

No one has come here.”

The prisoner was stunned.

This was strange.

The other party did say that he was Yuchis brother, and his overall appearance was similar to that of a gentleman.

However, since Yuchi said that he did not see him, then so be it.

He did not want to meddle in other peoples business.

“Ah, I came here for this.”

“Qiang will be released from prison tomorrow.

We have a gathering at the cafeteria.

Are you coming” The prisoner invited him.


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