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After leaving the room, Feng Yi walked around the villas courtyard alone.

“Is it really him His name was Yuchi.”

“Going by the clues, it has to be him.”

“I didnt see him the first time I went there until he suddenly appeared.”

“When I went to the prison this time, I saw him around initially, but when things started happening, he disappeared midway.”

“If I hadnt noticed the fiery feather on his body, I would never have known that Yuchi actually left the prison courtyard!”

“All the clues point to it being him!”

When she thought about this, Feng Yi could not help but clench her fist.

Her oval-shaped face was extremely beautiful, and she looked pretty and delicate.

She swung her hands around as she walked around the courtyard, more and more emotions gradually appearing on her face.

“He should be around my age.

In fact, he might even be a little younger than me.”

“Im not even an ordinary C-grade beast tamer, yet hes already so powerful.”

“As expected, every generation brings forth new talents.”

“The gap between us is too wide!”

“Im not worthy of him now.

Even if I like him or admire him, hes not someone Im worthy of.”



“At this moment, other than wishing him well secretly, I dont have any confidence to talk to him about his true identity.”

“Im still too weak!”

“I need to cultivate properly!”

“Even if I cant be as strong as him, at the very least, I should become strong enough to stand behind him and watch him.”

“Otherwise, I wont even have the chance to look at him in the future.

He and I will then go our separate ways.”

Feng Yi would never let such a thing happen.

She decided that she would work hard to cultivate her soul power.

This was the only thing she could do at her current stage!

The sky was clear.

The mist around the Netherworld Sea prison had completely disappeared over the past few days, and the Netherworld Sea felt vast, but empty.

Yuchi had been fishing outside the Netherworld Sea prison for the past few days.

Some of the fish he caught were of average quality.

There were no extremely powerful ancient monsters, but he had encountered a few ones that he had never seen before.

At the same time, he had obtained a few rather useless skills.

At this point in time, Yuchi already had a few hundred skills, but the skills that could really be used in battle could be counted on one hand.


Before this, Yuchi had thought that having four skills was lacking, but it now seemed that four skills were completely enough.

However, it all depended on the quality of the skills he collected.

From Yuchis perspective, the flame feather from before was really quite strong.

To be honest, if the flame feathers attributes were as strong as his, then it would have been a bitter battle.

Although he was confident that he would be able to kill it in the end, the battle itself would definitely be arduous.

From this, it could be seen that the opponents skills were truly incomparably powerful!

Although the beast tamers were a group of arrogant people, it had to be said that their soul beasts were really something.

There was some basis behind their arrogance.

“Also, the flame feather was quite tasty.”

The taste of the flame feather was similar to a roast chicken.

Although there was no cumin or chili, it was indeed much better than the previous crocodiles and the like that Yuchi had eaten.

After this battle, Yuchis own strength had also increased quite a bit.

[Name: Yuchi]

[Constitution: 12304]

[Strength: 12304]

[Speed: 12304]

[Skill 1: Devour.

A Faceless Anaconda can devour its prey and gradually evolve itself, resulting in a permanent increase in strength.]

[Skill 2: Gluttonous Mouth.

Use the Nightmares mouth to bite others, causing great pain while restraining the enemy.]

[Skill 3: Hellfire.

Hurl clusters of blinding hellfire to burn your enemies like maggots!]

[Skill 4: Blood Spike.

Gather the blood essence and qi in your body and use them to condense a blood spike.

The wounds caused by it are extremely difficult to heal and will bleed continuously!”

His stats had increased from 11004 to 12304.

It had increased by more than 1000 points, which was equivalent to encountering and defeating a brand-new ancient monster with an S-grade fishing difficulty.

The devour skill was really quite strong.


Also, the skills that grew with his attributes were exceptionally powerful, as the same skill would reach different levels of power according to his cultivation.

Take the hellfire skill for example, which was Yuchis favorite skill.

The hellfire skill had not been so powerful when all his attributes were at 5000 points.

However, now that his attributes were over 10000 points, the hellfire flames could actually be hurled hundreds of kilometers away.

This was equivalent to a long-ranged siege weapon!

If one were to judge it based on its destructive power, the hellfire skill was indeed pretty strong.

Compared to the hellfire skill, the gluttonous mouth seemed a little weak.

The gluttonous mouths growth rate was too poor.

There seemed to be no difference in the gluttonous mouth skill even after Yuchis attributes had soared to 10,000 points in all attributes.

“I need to replace the gluttonous mouth skill.”

“As for the blood spike skill, when I tried it, it performed relatively well, but its destructive power cant be compared to the hellfire skill.”

“The hellfire skill is indeed quite good.”

Instant attack, high damage and high margin for error.

The only flaw was that, after using the hellfire skill, more than half of the energy in his body would be instantly used up.

In other words, in peak condition, Yuchi could only use the hellfire skill twice.

“But I cant rely too much on the hellfire skill either.

This time, I encountered a flame feather that couldnt avoid the hellfire flames.”

“If I really meet an expert in the future, it would be very difficult for the hellfire skill to hit the enemy since it doesnt have any tracking or locking features.”

“If it cant hit the enemy, then no matter how powerful the skill is, its useless.”

“In such a situation, the blood spike skill should perform quite well.

After all, it can last for more than 60 seconds.”

In that case, would he eventually find an all-rounded skill that could be used in every situation

“The sword is an unconventional path in these modern times, and will sometimes not be very suitable for battle.”

Yuchi closed his eyes and thought silently.

Then, a notification appeared in his mind.

[Fishing difficulty: SSS]


Yuchi was confused.

He raised his head and looked toward the sea in front of him.

He took a second glance.

Was this not his old friend

The Three-headed Naga Siren!

Under the dark green surface of the Netherworld Sea…

It was here!

After all this time, it had finally appeared in front of Yuchi again.

It was more than 100 meters long, had three heads, and had a massive and heavy body!

The head of a ferocious tiger, the head of a jackal, and the head of a dragon… Three-in-one!

The Three-headed Naga Siren was here!

“The first time I met you, I had just arrived in this world.”

“I was not familiar with the world, nor how all of this worked.

I was still figuring things out.”

“Now, there are still many things I dont know but, after a year or two, Ive finally recognized what I desire and seek.”

“Its still rated as an SSS-grade capture difficulty”

“You were an unfathomable existence for me at that time, and it seems its still the same now.”

“Still, do you think Id be scared of you now”

Yuchi muttered to himself.

His body had already reached the edge of the shore.

With a flip of his hand, the burning blood-red thorny sword appeared in his right hand.

“Wuwu, lets go!”

He then leapt into the air, a crazy and desperate smile on his face.

He was like a moth flying into a fire!

So what though



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