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The Netherworld Sea was burning.

Under the surface of the sea, streaks of flames could be seen.

Yet no matter how many fiery feathers fell near Yuchi, each and every one was easily pushed away by Yuchis index finger.

He was too strong!

The fiery red feathers that could instantly create explosions all over the seas were like harmless fireflies in his hands!

10 seconds later, a terrible explosion erupted on the surface of the sea.

Yuchi, who was at the center of the explosion, calmly spread his true qi to form a protective bubble around his body.

As the stormy waves rushed back in to fill in the gap left by the explosion, Yuchi removed the protective bubble of true qu and allowed the seawater to wash over his body.

The feeling of boiling hot and smoky seawater, the burnt scent in the air… All of this was really fascinating!

The flame feather did not dare to speak.

The soul beasts expression was one of shock and fear! Was this a human or a devil

The skill that it was so proud of had actually been dealt with so easily.

For a moment…

It felt like it was living a lie! It was being laughed at by this martial arts warrior!

“Fighting is really enjoyable!”


“Lets continue!”

Yuchi suddenly raised his head to look at the flame feather in the sky and spoke to it with a smile on his face.


Feng Chengyun had nothing to say.

He could only keep sucking in large mouthfuls of boiling hot air!

The mist on the sea grew heavier, but his heart felt even heavier!

“I cant lose.”

“I cant lose now.”

“If I lose to him, I would drag the reputation of all beast tamers through the mud!”

Feng Chengyun mumbled to himself, and then fiercely issued an order to the flame feather, “Supernova!”

“Hurry up!”

“Hurry up and use the supernova!”

He was extremely anxious.

Flame feather had three skills!

The first skill, rain of fire, had actually been ineffective!

Then, there was the second skill, which also happened to be the most terrifying one!

Under normal circumstances, this skill would not be used at all.

In many cases, there was no need for this skill at all, as fire rain was already enough to deal with the enemy!

However, he was now forced to use its second skill!

He had no choice!

This martial arts warrior was too terrifying!


This was the second skill of the flame feather.

Using this skill required the flame feather to consume all of its HP, after which it would fall into a weakened state that would last for a month!

The heavy consumption of this skill was a testament to its destructive power!

The killing power of this supernova skill was abnormally terrifying!

The flame feather acknowledged the order!

It let out a screech and immediately began to burn all of the blood essence in its body.

The blood essence in its body was directly ignited, and started emitting the purest form of true power it possessed!

It was as if another sun had appeared atop the Netherworld Sea prison.

The scorching sun then started to descend!

The surging flames around it emitted a piercing light, and all the prisoners were unable to look directly in the direction of the flame feather!

It was as if there were thousands of light bulbs shining in the dark!

The mist surrounding the Netherworld Sea prison was completely dispersed!

Day had truly arrived…

And it was blindingly white!

The prisoners were forced to cover their eyes with their hands.

Some even closed their eyes tightly!

However, no matter how hard they tried, this light still penetrated their eyelids through the gaps between their fingers, causing them to feel terribly dizzy!

The entire Netherworld Sea prison was enveloped in blinding light.

No one could see anything or anyone!

Under the bright light, darkness had nowhere to hide!

This strong light came from the flame feathers supernova skill!

The flame feather had already wrapped its wings around its body, forming a ball as it floated in the sky above the Netherworld Sea!

1 second.

2 seconds.

3 seconds.

10 seconds.

Then, its eyes suddenly opened!

The deathly ray erupted!

Supernova explosion!

A beam of light seemed to pierce through the sky and the Netherworld Sea below.

The deathly ray instantly hurtled toward Yuchi.

Yuchi quickly dodged.

He could sense how terrifying the deathly ray was.

He had to admit that his opponent was really strong.

Was an A grade soul beasts skill that terrifying


It was possible!

This was great!

He cheered and ran quickly across the surface of the Netherworld Sea!

The deathly ray was in hot pursuit.

The parts of the surface of the Netherworld Sea that was touched by the deathly ray was instantly sliced open, revealing a 100-meter deep trench.

The shallow parts of the Netherworld Sea were not that deep, and the entire seabed was torn apart by the deathly ray.

Boiling lava spurted out from the trenches.

The surface of the Netherworld Sea was like a pool of ignited alcohol.

Waves of deadly heat could be felt, which could easily kill any living being!

If this flame feather had launched its supernova skill in a human town, the consequences would have been quite terrifying.

The seabed was melting, and the bottom of the sea was now overflowing with lava.

On the other side, Yuchi was running like a madman.

He was laughing wildly.

It had been a long time since he had been so happy.

There were far too many ancient monsters who were too weak to display such destructive power.

As expected, he could not just stick to fighting ancient monsters.

There were still many powerful soul beasts in this world.

“Its effective.”

“The skill works on him!”

“Hes dodging!”

Feng Chengyun could see it.

Yuchi did not even display the slightest intention of dodging when the flame feather had used the fire rain skill previously!

However, this supernova skill was different!

Yuchi was running frantically all over the place!

This meant that this skill of his was definitely quite powerful.

In that case, as long as the skill he touched Yuchi, the other party would definitely be reduced to ashes instantly!

He would melt instantly!

At this moment, Feng Chengyun had absolutely no idea that Yuchi was only trying to prevent his helmet from melting.

If he did, his mental state would have collapsed on the spot.


“Increase the speed!”

“Lock on!”

“Lock onto him!”

“Lock onto him!” Feng Chengyun continued to bark orders.

The flame feather had its own difficulties!

The deathly ray was extremely concentrated, and was only as thick as a finger.

It was black with a tinge of red, and it was extremely fast!

Normally, it would not be a problem for it to kill others!

It was like using a fly swatter to kill a fly.

If the fly stayed where it was, it would definitely die.

However, if the fly flew around frantically, it would become really difficult to hit it.

Also, if the target was not a fly but a bullet, how could the fly swatter be used to hit a speeding bullet

It could not catch up!

Yuchi was simply too fast!

From the flame feathers perspective, Yuchis speed was outrageous.

He flitted across the surface of the Netherworld Sea, and with every stride, the surface of the sea trembled!

He traversed 1000 meters in a single step.

That was also really terrifying!

The deathly ray simply could not match Yuchis speed… This kind of unparalleled speed, was this what a martial artist was capable of

“Is this the same martial arts warrior who was looked down upon by the beast tamers”

It could not believe its eyes!

In addition, it could not hold on any longer!

It was burning its blood essence continuously to maintain the skill.

The longer this lasted, the greater the damage it would suffer!

There was a limit!

Then, just as the flame feather was feeling extremely anxious, Yuchi suddenly stopped.

Waves rose and fell upon the surface of the sea, and smoke was rising in all directions.

Feng Chengyun, who was standing next to the prison, could no longer see what was going on!

Only the flame feather could see it from above!

Under such circumstances, it noticed that Yuchi had suddenly stopped.

“This is…”

“What is he doing”

“Why did he stop!”

“Youre not running away anymore”


The flame feather did not understand!

Honestly, if Yuchi wanted to, he could keep running forever, but that would be meaningless.

He only enjoyed interesting battles, so a boring battle had to be avoided at all costs.

He stopped.

Yuchi glanced at the blackish-red deathly ray that was hurtling toward him from the corner of his eye.

There were all kinds of flames on the surface of his helmet now.

He raised his hand.

Balls of hellfire bloomed in his right palm!

The flames were only the size of beans.

They were green on the outside and red on the inside.

Although the flames themselves were small, the power hidden within them was even more terrifying than the flame feathers deathly ray!


‘I want to escape!

The flame feather immediately felt like running away!

Its red eyes looked into the distance and saw Yuchi!

It did not know what kind of fire that was…

But one thing was clear, those flames were powerful enough to kill it!

Still, was it going to give up

No way!

‘Im born from the flames, so Im not afraid!

‘This time… Im going all out!

It was terrified, but it still stood its ground.

The A grade soul beast was indeed worthy of its reputation!

‘If the deathly ray burns the other partys body, the other party will still die without a doubt!

‘Why should I be afraid

‘Im an A grade soul beast.

Humans are nothing more than my servants.

Im the strongest!

‘You should just die!

The deathly ray arrived!

As for Yuchi, he suddenly threw out his right hand, and fierce flames were released from it.

At that moment, the sky lit up again.

The walls of the prison were charred black.

The light had barely touched the corners, but it was already on fire!


A ten-meter-thick pillar of fire suddenly appeared!

The tiny deathly ray was immediately pushed back by the pillar of fire!

The heavens and earth were filled with ghostly wails and howls.

In an instant, the hellfire skill exploded, and the world lost its color.

A 100-kilometer-tall flame shot up into the sky!


Light flashed all around.

The hellfire rain fell silently upon the sea, bringing with it a pitch-black flame feather that fell from the sky!


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