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“Its here, its finally here!”

“Do you know how hard it has been for me to wait this past month”

“Its finally freaking here!”

Yuchi was so excited that he almost jumped up!

The first time he had fished, each of his attributes had only been at 1 point.

At that time, when he faced the triangular cone nightmare, the difficulty level had been rated as S-grade! Now that all his attributes had reached 40 points, another S-grade difficulty prey had appeared.

This meant that this prey was definitely not a triangular cone nightmare!

Reality would soon prove his assumptions correct.

As Yuchi laughed somewhat crazily, he infused all of his strength into the fishing rod in his hands!

The fishing rod was instantly covered with many vein-like patterns!

The power of these patterns, which seemed like runes, came from his body.

This was a silent battle, a simple collision between two entities!

In the process of fighting against the sea monster, whoever admitted defeat would never be able to raise their heads again!

“Today, its either you die or I die!”

“Cmon! Give it to me!”

“Get up here!”


Yuchi was roaring in anger.

He was using all of his strength!


All of the power in his body was concentrated in his hands, and his entire body was shaking!

As his prey pulled hard in the opposite direction, the counter force on the fishing rod caused the skin between his thumb and forefinger to rupture, and blood spurted out.

His back was drenched in sweat!

His hands felt extremely sore, and waves of pain assaulted his mind!

He definitely could not give up at this time.

If he gave up this time, who knew when he would encounter another creature that was not a triangular cone nightmare in the future!

Not to mention, if he was dragged into the sea, he would have to fight that sea creature in their own territory, and the consequences of doing so would be unimaginable!

He went all out!

This tug of war between Yuchi and the unknown creature lasted for 10 minutes.

Soon, a strange figure appeared under the surface of the sea!

When this strange figure finally floated up to the surface, he finally caught a glimpse of what it looked like!


“Isnt it too ugly” Yuchi shrieked.

It was a ghostly creature with three hands and two heads!


It had very long and thick hair!

One could even see a set of inverted teeth underneath its hair!

The teeth were blood-red, and its two heads were joined by a single neck!

Right now, its ugly and disgusting mouths were crazily tearing at the air and biting.

It was trying its best to drag Yuchi into the water!

As long as it could drag Yuchi into the water, then Yuchi would die without a doubt!

However, it was confused as to how this person, whose physical fitness was completely inferior to its own, was able to force it into a stalemate for so long

“Mortal! Where did you find the courage to fight me” The monsters voice was hoarse, but Yuchi could somehow understand it!

“Where did my courage come from Hehe, Fish Leong gave it to me!” (TN: Courage is the title of a song sung by the artist, Fish Leong)


In this situation, Yuchis eyes were wide open.

The skin between his thumb and forefinger had already ruptured, and there were now signs of a fractured wrist!

Despite this, he was not afraid!

Even if I die, Ill definitely fish you up today.”

His back was covered in blood and sweat, and bulging blue veins could be seen on his forehead!


Both his hands were trembling in joy and pain! Standing on the shore, he was like a pine tree growing on the edge of a cliff, constantly buffeted by strong winds.

Yuchi did not move, and the monster was also stuck in a stalemate!

10 minutes passed.

The monster trembled, and its eyes started to twitch!

20 minutes passed.

Blood spurted out from between its teeth, and chaos enveloped the monsters mind!

30 minutes passed.

Yuchi was hysterical.

At this moment, the monster finally could not hold on any longer!

At this moment, it let out its last painful and sharp howl!

In the end, its two heads were directly pulled out of the sea with a final flourish of the fishing rod!

Its expression was filled with pain, unwillingness, and all kinds of resentment but, in the end, it had failed to win against the man standing on the shore!

As it roared, the monster finally accepted its fate.

It no longer tried to drag Yuchi into the sea.

It was completely suppressed, and it directly drilled itself into Yuchis body, dissipating soon after.

“Its done”

Yuchi felt dizzy!

He then slowly fell to the ground in great joy, lying flat on the shore while staring at the bright moon in the sky.

“I almost thought I was dead there!”

“It wasnt just a battle of strength.

It was also a battle of willpower!”

“My current willpower is quite strong.

Although I was no match for it in terms of pure strength.

I won because of my stubborn willpower!”

“If I had been dragged into the sea by it just now, I would have died nine times out of ten!”

Once the fishing rod disappeared, a new monster image finally appeared in the compendium.

[Catch: Netherworld Sea – King of Nightmares]

[Grade: C ]


[Attribute: Ghost]

[Skill: Gluttonous Mouth]

[Introduction: A one-in-a-million existence among the triangular cone nightmares, it is the undisputed king of the triangular cone nightmares!]


Grade C was the pinnacle of all C-grade monsters.

It was just a single step shy of reaching B-grade.


There was a huge gap between different grades!

A C-grade monster could never be compared to a B-grade monster!

Unless they used sheer numbers and continuously sacrificed their lives, C-grade monsters would not be able to defeat a B-grade existence.

However, this King of Nightmares already had the strength of a B-grade monster!

It was truly amazing!

Even though his hands were now badly mangled, it was all worth it!

Right now, Yuchis body was rapidly increasing in strength and, at the same time, it was rapidly recovering!

[Name: Yuchi]

[Constitution: 140]

[Strength: 140]

[Speed: 140]

[Skill 1: Bite.

Bite the enemy without letting go.

As the skill deals damage to the enemy, you will recover a small amount of health.]

[Skill 2: Gluttonous Mouth.

Use the Nightmares mouth to bite others, causing great pain while restraining the enemy.]


[Skill 3: None]

[Skill 4: None]

Yuchi was both in pain and happy at the same time.

He originally had 40 points in each attribute, but now this figure had reached 140 points.

Therefore, the value of this monsters first catch was far higher than the triangular cone nightmare.


This instantly saved him over three months of progress.

However, at this time, Yuchi suddenly noticed that he had also gained an additional skill.

Originally, there had only been that one bite skill, but now there was an additional gluttonous mouth skill.

He had wanted to try out his bite skill, but it was not feasible for him to bite the other prisoners.

However, he thoughtthat this gluttonous mouth skill seemed to be worth a try.

Yuchi got up.

Then, an evil aura emerged from his body.

He cast his gaze toward a stone pillar not far away, and the two ancient words,gluttonous mouth, appeared with ripples.


A large patch of blood-red darkness appeared below the stone pillar.

The darkness originated from the king of nightmares hair, while the blood-red color was due to the barbs on the king of nightmares hair!

This whole scene unfolded in a very magnificent way the moment the skill was activated!

The stone pillar in front of him, which was as thick as a persons arms, was actually being swallowed into the depths of hell by the gluttonous mouth!

With an ear-piercing sound, the three-meter-long stone pillar was devoured!

It had only taken 10 seconds! The entire 3-meter long stone pillar had been devoured in 10 seconds!


Yuchi was speechless.


This skill was so fierce! Was the king of nightmares cheating

Even though his body felt extremely weak after using the skill, the gluttonous mouth skill was just too brutal!

This was a skill that could lock onto others after it was activated!

Although he did not know how long the lock-on duration was, and he did not know the upper limit of the skills strength, the strength of the gluttonous mouth skill had far exceeded the previous bite skill!

The king of nightmares was indeed the king of nightmares!

So this was the reason why it was so powerful!

If the king of nightmares was this fierce, what about the other ancient creatures in the sea Would they not be heaven-defying

“If I can defeat them…”

“Then my strength will grow to a terrifying level!”

“My bamboo pole can change the world.

This might be my martial Dao path!”



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