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The helicopter landed immediately.

In the last two minutes before it landed, the pilot also made an announcement.

Feng Chengyun greedily looked at Feng Yi.

Feng Yi was really too beautiful.

To be honest, the overall feeling she gave people was that of flawlessness.

Her figure was perfect!

Feng Chengyun was an A grade beast tamer, so he had seen all kinds of beautiful women!

However, after seeing Feng Yis appearance, Feng Chengyun was really moved.

Feng Yi was more beautiful than all the beauties he had seen before!

This was exacerbated by the calmness and honesty in her eyes… He really wanted to bully her!

‘After this is over, youll be my woman.

Im going to take away your chastity, haha! Feng Chengyun thought in his heart.

He said, “Cousin, this must be the Netherworld Sea prison, right”

“Although I dont know what exactly happened here in the netherworld sea prison, dont worry.

I can help you do what you couldnt.

After all, uncle has agreed to share some benefits with me,” Feng Chengyun said happily.

His smile was quite bright, and he did not seem nervous at all.

The reason why Feng Yi came here this time was because her father had arranged for her to go back to the Netherworld Sea prison with Feng Chengyun.

The final conclusion was that Feng Chengyun was to kill Yuchi in front of Feng Yi and free her from the curse that haunted her!

Feng Yi was cold and indifferent.

She had only seen her cousin once or twice when she was young.

She was more familiar with her lizard pet.

At this moment, she calmly said, “If you underestimate him, you will die.”

Feng Chengyun: “”


Feng Yi added, “If you dont believe me, just try it out for yourself.

Also, Im not really familiar with you, so dont talk to me.

Youre sort of disgusting.”

Feng Chengyun was stunned!

He did not expect Feng Yi to say such words.

What did she mean by that

Was she speaking up for the enemy


“Youre actually siding with an outsider And you even said I look disgusting”


“This is so funny!”

“Am I going to die of laughter here”

“How can I die in such a trashy place!”

“I can easily kill all of the prisoners here with one finger!”

“Even if I kill all these prisoners, the higher-ups wont do anything to me!”

“At most, Ill just have to pay some compensation!”

“Although I live under the same sky as the prisoners, I live a completely different life from them!”

“They are ants, and I belong to the heavens.”

“Yet you said I might die!”

Feng Chengyun crossed his arms and leaned against the seat of the helicopter.

His face was full of arrogance.

He jabbered on!

“And as the young lady of our family, youre at least a little famous!”

“But you dont seem to be as high-spirited as you were back then.”

“Youre just like a girl from an ordinary family now.

Youre confused about your status!”

“If you continue behaving like this, youll lose the right to be the young lady of our family!”

“I hope that you will pay attention to your words and actions! Otherwise, youll regret it when youre abandoned by our family!”

Feng Yi was too lazy to respond to Feng Chengyun.

She looked at the Netherworld Sea prison calmly.

It had been a year since she left the Netherworld Sea prison, and her mentality had changed a lot.

When she first left the Netherworld Sea prison and returned home, Feng Yi would wake up from her sleep with a nightmare for seven whole nights!

After recuperating for a month, her body gradually recovered to its previous healthy state.

However, although physical illnesses were easy to cure, mental illnesses were not.

Fengyi pined for Yuchi.

She missed the words he said.

She missed his invisible gaze while he pinched her chin… At that moment, her soul had been suppressed by him.


It might sound a bit strange at first, as to why Fengyis mind would be filled with Yuchis figure…


It was actually very simple.

She realized that her so-called dignity and pride, her so-called nobility and money, were all meaningless in that situation.

It was all strength that was built on paper.

It was only strong on the outside.

On that day, Feng Yi suddenly realized that she had been wrong.

She had made a grave mistake.

Thinking back to her previous mentality and sense of superiority, she suddenly felt that she was a failure.

There would always be someone better.

Under the heavens, everything and everyone were just ants.

The ants competed with each other, but remained blissfully unaware that the outside world was full of other vicious races and that the human race was in dire straits.

They were killing each other pointlessly.

It was ridiculous!

As for the teachings of the family, it seemed like they were just fleeting clouds.

‘I wonder if Ill be able to meet him again.

‘If I can meet him.

‘Id be willing to submit to him.


Feng Yi was as beautiful as a blossoming flower.

Even though it was only her second time in the Netherworld Sea prison, she was no longer the arrogant girl from back then.

People could change.

‘I hope you can forgive me.

‘I hope…

‘I hope I can meet you again.

Her delicate and warm hand clenched itself into a fist as she gently placed it on her chest.

She could feel her heart gradually beating faster because of the nervousness.

In the cabin of the helicopter, Feng Chengyun witnessed this scene.

His expression gradually turned malevolent.

He had befriended many girls, so the emotions on Feng Yis face were evident to him.

The young girl was smitten!

She had actually fallen for that man


“I spent 100 million, and I still cant get your heart!”


“Just you wait!”

“Im going to kill him cruelly in front of you.

Im going to torture him to death!”

Three minutes later, the helicopter landed inside the Netherworld Sea prison, accompanied by the miserable Captain Chen.

Captain Chen was on the verge of a mental breakdown.

The only reason he had been able to survive back then was because Feng Yi had offered their chastity to the devil of the night.

After returning, although the other partys family did not question or investigate him, he was really afraid and wanted to leave the Department of Inspection.

However, in the end, he did not leave.

After all, how could he leave the Department of Inspection

That was impossible.

It was not because of the Department of Inspection rules or anything of the sort, but rather because he could not bear to leave the Department.

The feeling of satisfaction he got from bullying commoners and ordinary people was simply too satisfying.

This was something that only people of high status could enjoy.


Captain Chen now had to go to the Netherworld Sea prison and face the devil of the night again.

He had originally refused, but this was a request from the higher-ups.

He had to accept the task, or he would be directly dismissed.

After all, they were not keeping him around just to play around.


“Ive been enjoying the conveniences of being a staff member of the Department of Inspection.

I cant leave the Department… Ill die.

This time…

Captain Chens eyes fell on Feng Chengyun, who was sitting beside him,This time, I must avenge my past humiliation.

As a member of the Department of Inspection, although Im only a small employee, if I can personally witness the devil of the nights defeat, it will be a great shining point in my life!

‘Feng Chengyun is very powerful!

‘An A grade beast tamer!


‘Extremely terrifying!

‘Hell definitely win!

‘I dont need to worry this time around.

I just need to assist him steadfastly and let him sense my loyalty!

‘As for the prisoners


‘The other people from the Department of Inspection are right.

Who would care about prisoners

‘In this world where thousands of races fight for hegemony and kill each other, caring about others is the cruelest thing to do to yourself!


‘No matter what, Im going to kill you to wash away the shame from last time.

Youll pay for trapping us on the island for 20 days!


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