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Feng Chengyun could be said to be extremely gifted.

At the age of 3, he had already displayed his talent as a beast tamer.

At the age of 5, his soul power was already stronger than many C-grade beast tamers.

By the time he was 10 years old, he had already reached the soul power benchmark of a B-grade Beast Tamer and could already control B-grade soul beasts!


He was now 28 years old!

Feng Chengyuns strength had already reached A grade, and he even had an A grade soul beast.

The refined man was really jealous of Feng Chengyun.

Feng Chengyun was overflowing with talent and was a terrifying beast tamer!

Thanks to that, he enjoyed a great reputation among the super powerful clans, and was regarded as an existence who could inherit the position of the clan leader.

“Thats our A grade beast tamer, not some random one that we hired from god knows where!”

“Hes truly powerful and the future pillar of our clan!”

“Even in human cities where there are countless talents, his words carry weight!”

The man looked at Feng Chengyun with jealousy, and his heart was in turmoil.

“Feng Chengyun really is a monster with extraordinary talent!”

“The clan has to vigorously cultivate his talent!”

“His talent really makes other beast tamers jealous!”

Feng Chengyun could roughly sense the mans inner thoughts.

He was very contemptuous.

He had seen this kind of look on many peoples faces!


At this point, he put forth a condition.

“Uncle, can I have Feng Yi once” Feng Chengyun suddenly asked.

The mans face instantly turned red, and blue veins appeared on his face.

“You dog!”

“What the hell did you say”

“You and your father are the same!”

Feng Chengyun immediately burst into laughter.


“Where did my calm uncle go”

“Why did you suddenly start scolding me This isnt something a refined person like you should be doing!”

The mans anger was instantly aroused.

He looked at Feng Chengyun with a ferocious expression, but did not respond to his taunts.

Feng Chengyun just casually shrugged his shoulders.

“Im just speaking the truth.”

“Feng Yi is so perfect.

If theres a chance to get her, I should give it a go, no”

“Since shes just a chess piece to you, a daughter to be sold for money, why dont you just sell her to me”

“Hehe, Ill give you money for her!”

“She was brought up by you for that reason anyway.”

“Clean and innocent.

If any other woman were to be placed in front of me, I wouldnt even look at her.”

“Therefore, give me a price!”

“How about 10 million for her virginity.

What do you think”

After the man heard that, his expression turned dark as he slowly sat down.

He first downed the tea.

He then poured himself another cup and took a sip of tea.

Finally, he said, “100 million.”

“Bring that beast tamer from the Netherworld Sea prison to me and give me 100 million.”

“If you do, Ill give her to you.”

“Ill let you have her first.”

Feng Chengyun was instantly overjoyed.


“Thats why dad was right.

Theres no business that cant be done.”


“The price just needs to be right.”

“Alright,” he said.

“My dearest uncle, Ill take my leave now.”

Feng Chengyun stood up.

He placed his right forearm in front of his lower abdomen and made a deep bow.

A greedy smile was hidden behind his gentlemanly expression.

Feng Yi was a great beauty!

It was only 100 million! This transaction was totally worth it!

After all, ones first time was the most important, hahahaha.

The days in the Netherworld Sea prison passed relatively peacefully.

There were very few people who visited the prison nowadays, and it almost seemed like they had been completely forgotten.

In the half a month that the gentle psychologist, Qin Lanyu, had been away, Yuchi had been constantly cultivating, slowly stabilizing his current cultivation.

“The true qi in my body has been condensed.”

“As my true qi gradually thickens, it nourishes my body.

Ive even entered a new realm.”

Previously, when Yuchi was at the peak of the body refinement realm, his combat strength growth had slowed to a crawl.

Now that he had broken through past the body refinement realm and reached the qi refinement realm, and after defeating more ancient monsters, the rate of increase in his combat strength had finally returned to normal.

While Yuchi was extremely terrifying, the ancient monsters that he was fighting also became more and more powerful!

He had a premonition…

The time when he would encounter the Three-headed Naga Siren was not far away!

At this time, Yuchi was looking at the scars on his right arm.

He clenched his right fist tightly.

As he opened his right fist, a mysterious true qi vortex slowly circulated in his palm!

“That monster just now was truly terrifying.”

“The ancient monsters I encountered while I was in the body refinement realm cant be compared with the ancient monsters I encounter now at the qi refinement realm!”

“Its been more than ten days!”

“Every single battle has been a life-and-death battle!”

Ordinary people would definitely go crazy after experiencing such life and death battles every day.


However, Yuchi was different.

What he looked forward to the most every day was to fight and kill these ancient monsters that were hiding under the mysterious Netherworld Sea.

Threatened by death, he would stimulate his potential and turn the tables on each difficult situation!

After this series of fights, he became more and more addicted to the experience of fighting ancient monsters!

Qin Lanyu did not witness Yuchis craziness during battle.

If she did, she would have been so scared that she probably would have chosen to run away.

This was his obsession, a huge obsession.

A martial arts fanatic…


He was not just a martial arts fanatic.

He was completely mad about martial arts.

He threw himself into each fight.

He was not fighting per se, but rather gradually transforming himself into the embodiment of martial arts!

[Name: Yuchi]

[Constitution: 11004]

[Strength: 11004]

[Speed: 11004]

[Skill 1: Devour.

A Faceless Anaconda can devour its prey and gradually evolve itself, resulting in a permanent increase in strength.]

[Skill 2: Gluttonous Mouth.

Use the Nightmares mouth to bite others, causing great pain while restraining the enemy.]

[Skill 3: Hellfire.

Hurl clusters of blinding hellfire to burn your enemies like maggots!]

[Skill 4: Blood Spike.

Gather the blood essence and qi in your body and use them to condense a blood spike.

The wounds caused by it are extremely difficult to heal and will bleed continuously!”

Within ten days, Yuchis attributes had begun to increase again, and in addition to the increase in his attributes, he also obtained a new technique!

Blood spike!

This came from a monster covered in blood-colored thorns, and it was also the monster that caused Yuchis arm to be covered in wounds!

“The Netherworld Seas S-grade capture difficulty ancient monsters have finally taught me a decent technique!”

“However, theres no one for me to try this technique on now.”


“Thats a bit of a pity.”

Yuchi was smiling.

When he was not fighting, he was quite calm, but when he was, his crazy side reared its ugly face.

He knew that he had this characteristic, and he did not try to deny his own nature.

His love for fighting was something that could not be changed no matter what.

“I wonder when Ill be able to have a slightly more interesting battle”

“When are you coming”

Yuchis mind was filled with the Three-headed Naga Siren.

He missed the scene of lightning and thunder from that day.

He missed his hugeprey.

The sky above the Netherworld Sea prison was gray.

A thin layer of mist floated above the Netherworld Sea.

The mist got lighter the closer it was to the shore, and heavier further into the sea.

From the mist, the sound of a helicopter could be heard.

Three minutes later, when the sound felt closer, Yuchi was sure that there was indeed a helicopter flying through the air.

However, he was very indifferent.

He was already completely immune to the sound of helicopters.

He just sat calmly by the sea and slowly fished alone.

Even though he had used up all his fishing attempts for the day and would not encounter any ancient monsters, the feeling of holding the fishing rod in his hand made him feel relaxed.

This was what Yuchi liked to do most in his spare time.


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