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The next day.

The rain stopped, and small puddles appeared on the ground around the Netherworld Sea prison.

Inside a certain room, Zhang Tiancheng was looking at Feng Yi in horror.

Feng Yi at this time seemed to have been completely emotionally destroyed by Yuchi.

Her eyes were dull and listless.

No trace of her previous arrogance could be seen.

At this moment, her expression was like that of a despairing martial arts warrior in this world.

Seeing this, even though Zhang Tiancheng rubbed his eyes again and again, he could not believe that it was Feng Yi.

Was this the same Feng Yi who had been constantly pursued by many men and had once been the darling of the human city Where had she gone

How terrifying was that devil of the night

He forced himself to focus and could not help but ask, “Did he come last night”

“Yes,” Fengyi replied in a soft and gentle voice.

Zhang Tiancheng was terrified.

He really wanted to escape and leave this prison.

He had not even detected Yuchis presence here last night.

In addition, his soul beast, the golden eagle, was a soul beast with rather keen observation skills.

Despite this, his golden eagle had not noticed anything at all!

How terrifying was the other partys strength

At this moment, Feng Yi uttered a simple sentence, “You dont have to be afraid.

He wont attack us again.

We can leave this prison in one day.”


Zhang Tiancheng was stunned and in disbelief.


Why was he not attacking them

After 20 days of continuous attacks, the devil would stop attacking just like that Could it be because you had discussed it with him last night

Could it be…

Zhang Tiancheng had already come up with a guess when he saw Feng Yis current state.

She wanted to give her chastity to that man.

It had to be.

It was definitely the case.

No man could resist the temptation of Feng Yis offer!

Although there were many rich young playboys in the human city, these playboys were hopeless when it came to Feng Yi!

Fengyi had always been considered an unattainable existence, so now that she had chosen to accept her fate, there was no man in this world who would refuse.

In the end, Feng Yi covered her face with a pair of thin and fair hands…

She lowered her head and cried silently!



She was crying and laughing at the same time.

If the other party was really after her body, at least she would still have some dignity left!

However, the other partys disdain had completely shattered all of her fantasies!

She was not even worth this mans attention!

She was a clown!

A clown!

“Maybe hes right, maybe hes right!”

“One can be arrogant in front of the prisoners, but in front of a true expert, Im just a piddling existence!”

“Why was I so arrogant in the past”

“What made me so arrogant”

Fengyi felt lost.

She only cried, her voice filled with despair and her hands tightly covered her face.

Zhang Tiancheng did not dare to ask further.

At this moment, Feng Yi was like a young lady who had been ruthlessly abandoned by her beloved.


Her quiet sobs sounded earth-shattering amidst the awkward silence.

He did not know what had transpired at night, but since Feng Yi had already offered the man her body, he was finally safe!

He could finally leave this place!

The Netherworld Sea prison was like a devils abode.

This man…


He was so terrifying!

Two days later.

Yuchi was currently fishing with a smile on his face.

When he was not in the process of hunting, he looked like a harmless young man.

He was quite kindly looking, the epitome of an honest young man.

While he was fishing, a helicopter whizzed over from a distance.

The helicopters propellers stirred up the surrounding air, deafening him in its wake.

The helicopter flew over Yuchis head and gradually landed on the tarmac inside the Netherworld Sea prison.


“Theyre here.”

Yuchi did not display any interest at all.

He simply continued calmly fishing.

While he was fishing, he was also examining his bodys current condition.

Over the past 20 days, the burning flames around his heart had grown more and more, as if a seed was about to break out of its shell.

“I should be in the process of breaking through from the body refinement realm to the qi refinement realm.”

“When I break through to the qi refinement level, true qi will appear in my body.”

“True qi can greatly increase my bodys strength, and also improve my overall combat strength.”

If he could break through successfully, Yuchi would be less anxious.

After this incident, the Netherworld Sea prison would probably be quiet for quite some time.

After all, if he was just strong, no one would be overly afraid of him.

However, if he gave everyone the impression that he was a lunatic devil, everyone would truly be fearful.


This was because no one knew what a lunatic was thinking, nor what kind of shocking actions he was capable of doing.


While Yuchi was fishing, he saw the helicopter leave the prison grounds in a hurry.

It did not even increase its altitude much, and just tilted forward and flew off as fast as it could to escape the Netherworld Sea prison.

It was too terrifying!

Those people really did not want to stay in this kind of place for another day!

At the same time, inside the helicopters cabin.

Feng Yi looked at the prison that was getting further away in a daze.

She thought she would be happy, but she felt somewhat empty.

She placed her hands on the cabin walls and looked at the Netherworld Sea prison through the porthole.

She did not know why, but she felt that she would take the initiative to go back there.

To the current her, the world of beast tamers no longer seemed to be so beautiful.


After this incident, Yuchi remained clueless about what had happened in the outside world.

Of course, even if someone were to tell him, he would not be bothered about it.

Life in prison gradually became more relaxed and comfortable.

It was very comfortable for him to gradually increase his strength in this place abandoned by all the humans.

Carefree, unrestrained, and even a little lawless.

The prisoners were also constantly coming and going.

There were still a lot of ups and downs in this small prison.

One year.


Yuchi closed his eyes and sat on the shore.

After a full year of preparation, his body had officially reached its limit.

All attributes had reached 5568 points!

This was the limit of the human races body refinement!

He had achieved it!

After reaching the limit of 5568 points, he finally began to break through!

When the raging fire coursed through in his body, he gradually realized that something in his heart had shattered.

At the same time, it was not sadness that he felt, but deep joy.

He had officially broken through the bottleneck!

In the past year, after hundreds of battles, and dozens of life and death battles, this body of his had finally reached its peak after being tempered over and over again!

It was a perfect breakthrough.

He could feel a new power filling his boy, which was true qi!

True qi originated from the heart and flowed through the limbs and bones!

As it coursed through his body, it rapidly nourished his body, and the 5568 points in all of his attributes, which had been stagnant for a long time finally started increasing rapidly again at this time.

It was late at night, so no one saw the whirlwind gathering around him, and no one spotted the blood-red runes that glowed all over his body!

The brutal true qi flowed through his body like a tidal wave.

Even his skin was broken and reconstructed.

Everything was brand new!

The breakthrough lasted a full six hours!

The process finally ended at dawn.


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