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Inside a certain room in the Netherworld Sea prison, Feng Yis expression was very serious.

As a pretty girl, she did not want to stay in this prison at all.

There was a relatively strong stench in the prison, which should not have to be endured by someone of her status.

“So disgusting!”

“When can we leave”

“When is the rescue party coming”

Dissatisfaction appeared on Fengyis face.

The originally pretty girls expression was now ferocious, and there was a kind of ugliness mixed into the beauty.


Captain Chen said anxiously, “Young miss! From my investigation, one of the prisoners sentences will be ending in 22 days! There will be a helicopter arriving then!”

No one would normally come to the Netherworld Sea prison.

Although there would be food supply deliveries, the prisoners did not deserve to eat good food at all, so all they received were compressed dry rations, which were sent over by cargo helicopters.

A single delivery of compressed rations was enough to feed the prisoners for half a year.

As for the cargo helicopter, it had only been here recently, so another one definitely would not come again anytime soon.

In this situation, if they wanted anyone on the outside world to find out that there was danger in the Netherworld Sea prison, they could only wait until the time when a prisoners sentence finished for someone to come to pick them up.


“You want me to stay here for 22 days Not to mention that theres a beast tamer hiding somewhere nearby!”


“Do you want me to go crazy”


Feng Yi was shocked.

She looked at Captain Chen in disbelief.

Her face was full of hatred.

If she had known this would happen, she would not have even bothered coming here for this bullsh*t soul beast!

It was just a C-grade soul beast.

She did not lack such C-grade soul beasts!

Her father was a complete fool.

What was the use of giving her a C-grade soul beast like this Could it be that I dont have the ability to obtain this kind of crappy C-grade soul beast Ah, now the helicopter had been destroyed, and she was trapped on the island.

Who knew what would happen next!

After the beast tamer heard this, although he was quite unhappy, he still displayed a relatively appropriate response.

“Dont worry, miss Feng Yi.

Im here.”

“Im a B-grade beast tamer.

If there was anyone here who could fight me head-on, he would have done so long ago.”

“So dont worry.

We only have to wait here for 22 days.

Well just rest in this prison for 22 days.”

The beast tamer was very confident in his own capabilities.

As a B-grade beast tamer, he was quite respected in the city.

The golden eagle beside him was powerful.

From his perspective, there was nothing and no one to fear in this small prison.


As for the matter of throwing a rock into the sky like that, he could do the same thing quite easily.

So since the other party did not have the courage to face him directly, it meant that the other partys strength was far inferior to his.

As such, what was there to be flustered about

There was no need to panic.

After 22 days, they would leave the island and immediately use the familys power and authority to completely suppress and clean up the Netherworld Sea prison.

At that time, there would probably be a bloody storm!

Feng Yi was slightly mollified.


“Alright, Ill leave this place to you then.”

“But this kind of incident is really unlucky.”

“When I go back, I cant let my classmates find out about this, or theyll look down on me.”

“Im actually trapped on a poor, crappy-looking island filled with all kinds of dirty prisoners.”



After she finished speaking, she sighed and went into the room next door, closing the door to rest.

The beast tamer was sitting outside the door, leaning against the wall and leisurely lighting a cigarette.

Although Feng Yis body was almost perfect, and he also wanted to have her, to be honest…

Compared to the long life ahead, why should he obsess over a single Feng Yi

There were all kinds of people out there.

Not to mention women, even men could be easily found.


He chose to wait.

All this would be over in 22 days.

He did not believe that the person hiding himself in the dark would dare to cause trouble.

That would be akin to courting death!

Captain Chen was a little flustered when he left the place.

He stood outside in the courtyard, smoking.

A few months ago, a similar situation had occurred.

The prison had been attacked by hunters.

Later on, a beast tamer had mysteriously killed all of the hunters.

It seemed that the scar-faced man had really taken the unwarranted merit.

The real master was still hidden in this crowd and would not reveal himself.

“I really dont know what this beast tamer is thinking.”

“He clearly had the power to kill those C-grade hunters, so why is he still loitering around the Netherworld Sea prison”

“Whats the point of staying in such a run-down and dirty place”

“Still, I dont need to be afraid.”

“We do have a B-grade beast tamer on our side.”

“The hidden beast tamer is at most a C grade tamer.

Compared to our B-grade beast tamer, theres a huge gap between the two.”

“Though, what was the name of that B-grade beast tamer again”

“Zhang Tiancheng”


“Yes, thats it.”

Night fell quickly.

The Netherworld Sea faintly glowed green, which made the prison look like it was covered in a thin layer of green mist.

Zhang Tiancheng sat inside a room without much furniture.

He leaned against the wall and closed his eyes.

He became increasingly drowsy as he leaned against the wall to rest.

Although beast tamers possessed good physical strength, they were not much stronger than ordinary people.


Without the help of special soul beasts, most beast tamers needed to rest at night.


Zhang Tiancheng was feeling a little tired now.

The golden eagle beside him was the same.

The two-meter-tall golden eagle was perched in the corner with its head lowered.

Its blood-red eyes were already closed.


At that moment, a loud howl could be heard from outside the window.

Zhang Tiancheng looked up in confusion and suddenly saw a black shadow in front of him.

Then, before he could react, a huge rock smashed through the window and hit the ground.


The floor cracked, and a hole appeared in the floor!

Dust flew everywhere.

Sand and pebbles flew up.

He instantly became alert and focused, and was so scared that he immediately hid beside the golden eagle.

“Motherf*cker! Whats going on”

“Why is someone attacking me”

“Whats going on”

In an instant, adrenaline rushed through his body, and his sleepiness disappeared!

The golden eagle immediately regained its senses as well.

It left the small room and spread its wings to fly into the sky.

Its blood-red eyes scanned the ground below, trying to find traces of the enemy.


Of course, its efforts would turn out to be futile.

Five minutes later, Feng Yi, who had been scared awake from her sleep, emerged from her room with bloodshot eyes.

She had heard the sound of a violent collision in her sleep just now and had thought it was an earthquake!

She came out to take a look.

There was a huge hole in the floor!

Inside the hole she could see some steel bars and, in the gaps between the steel bars, bits of broken rock could be seen!

“Whats going on”

Feng Yis tone was filled with fear.

She really disliked the Netherworld Sea prison.

She had been too tired just now and had fallen asleep almost instantly.

Zhang Tiancheng slowly turned around.

In front of Feng Yi, his expression gradually became solemn and stirring.

He opened his mouth and said, “Hes toying with us!”

Feng Yi was speechless.

Her eyes were filled with astonishment!

He was toying with us

It was him

It was him again

The same guy who destroyed our helicopter during the day

In addition to her incredulity, Feng Yi also felt that the whole situation was creepy, like something out of a horror movie.

She had been locked up on a deserted island, and there was a demon hiding on the island.

This demon did not show his true face, but only played tricks on her in the dark!

Even though she could not see the demons appearance, she could feel that the demon was right beside her!

Drip, drip.

A drop of blood fell in front of Feng Yis eyes, and she looked at the ceiling in the direction where the blood had fallen from.

A line of words had been written on the ceiling in blood-red paint.

“Hehehe, welcome to the Netherworld Sea prison.

Stay for the fun, ah!”

She could sense the demonic nature and madness of the author from the lines!

The handwriting was neat at the beginning, but gradually became illegible toward the end, so much so that when the last “ah” was written halfway, as if it had been hastily written!

Zhang Tiancheng also saw the line of text.

He felt dizzy and, in an instant, one word came to mind.


He really wanted to escape!

F*cking hell!

I was in this room just now!

The other party had been able to enter the room without anyone noticing and wrote this line of words on the ceiling!

Oh my god!

How strong was this guy Was he a human or a ghost


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