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Back at the shore, Yuchi picked out a large rock.

The rock was about the size of an adult.

It emitted a dark green luster, and looked quite solid and heavy.

He then turned to glance in the direction of the Netherworld Sea prison, doing some basic calculations on the distance to the target.

He did not speak.

Yuchi picked up the rock with one hand, raising it up high.


He took off his helmet, laughed maniacally and then hurled the rock.

The rock flew in an arc toward the Netherworld Sea prison.

It whistled through the air accompanied by Yuchis crazy laughter.

He then started chasing it.

The rock was flying through the sky…

And Yuchi was chasing on the ground.

His speed was even faster than rocks!


With every step, his body flew forward like a spring that had been released after being compressed to its limit.

Each stride covered more than 100 meters!

It had just taken him two strides before he caught up to the rock.

He arrived at the prison ahead of the rock.



He quietly blended in among the prisoners who were still rowdily cursing in the courtyard.

“Whats going on here” He appeared in a conspicuous position and asked with an innocent expression on his face.

“I dont know, but I do know that were in trouble.” The prisoner next to him recognized Yuchi, and shrugged to indicate that he did not know much more.

Just as he finished speaking, the rock fell from the sky, just like it had been launched from an ancient giant siege weapon, perhaps a catapult or trebuchet.

Within an instant, it hit the side of the helicopter.


The helicopter was instantly smashed and rolled three times on the ground before coming to a stop.

The impact and loud noise sent glass flying everywhere.


Everyone was shocked and dumbfounded.

What was happening

“The helicopter has been destroyed!”

Yuchi was the first to react.

He pretended to be scared out of his wits as he screamed and huddled over in fear.

In that instant, all of the prisonerseyes fell on him.

Even though the prisoners still did not know what was going on, they looked at Yuchi, who was curled up in a fetal position on the ground, with fear in their hearts.

“Whats the situation”

“What the hell is going on!”

“Why was there a rock flying out of nowhere”


“What should we do next!”

One question after another appeared in the minds of everyone present.

Of course, the shock was not just limited to the prisoners at the scene.

Captain Chen, the beast tamer and Feng Yi also stood in place, confused.


The golden eagle moved.

The golden eagle spread its wings, and with a strong gust of wind, it flew up a hundred meters into the air!

The beast tamers eyes looked toward the east in horror.

The rock had just flown over from the east, and now the Golden Eagle was looking toward the east!

It was scanning the entire Netherworld Sea prison, trying to find out who was behind this!

Its effort would prove to be futile.

Five minutes later, the beast tamer stood in front of the prisoners with an extremely ugly expression.

He understood that they were trapped in the Netherworld Sea prison.

Of course, that was not the only problem.

“Were trapped in the Netherworld Sea prison and were under attack.

That was a warning!”

The beast tamer felt uneasy.

His eyes darted around, looking everywhere.

He spared a disdainful glance for Yuchi, who was still on the ground.

He could not sense a single person with soul power around.

Under such circumstances, the only logical conclusion was that there was some kind of hidden expert in the Netherworld Sea prison.

There was probably a beast tamer hiding here.

Otherwise, there was no way someone would have thrown a rock into the prison courtyard!

Judging from the damage to the helicopter, the other party was probably quite powerful!

He was at least a C grade beast tamer!

Thinking this, the beast tamer looked at the large rock that was deeply embedded in the side of the helicopter, helpless.

At this moment, Feng Yi, who was beside him, let out a shriek.

He immediately looked in Feng Yis direction and discovered that Yuchi, who was rolling around on the ground, had reached Feng Yis side.

He was huddled down there with his back bent while clutching his head.

His face was full of fear and pleading.

Yuchi looked at Feng Yi with tears on his face and said, “Save us.

We are going to be killed.

Save us! We are innocent.

Please save us.”

Fengyi was frightened.

She did not know the prisoner in front of her at all, and looking at Yuchis tear-streaked face, her heart was filled with contempt.


A prisoner was a prisoner, after all.

There was a reason why they had been abandoned.

With a disdainful look, Feng Yi said without hesitation, “I dont know you, and Id rather be a warrior than a cowardly prisoner like you!”

“Get away from me!”


After she finished speaking, Yuchi was quickly taken away by the other prisoners.

Good fellow, you were usually quite calm, but it turns out that you were actually so easily spooked.

At this time, going over to Feng Yi, were you not just asking for trouble

Who was the other party She was a person from a large family.

In this situation where everything was chaotic and uncertain, would anything good come of reaching out to a stranger

You should have looked for us if you wanted help at this time.

The prisoners carried Yuchi, who was crying and making a scene, over to the building next door.

Inside the building, there were extremely simple and crude rooms.

Green paint had fallen off the walls, and traces of cigarette butts were everywhere.

“Yuchi, are you alright”

“Dont cry.”

“Were all prisoners.

If were fated to die, then theres nothing that can be done.

Its fine.”

“No one in this world will care about us prisoners.”

“Were just targets for them to vent their anger.

“Alright, alright.”

“Ill get someone to bring you a new fishing rod some other day, okay”

“You dont want a new one”

“Ill bring you a pure gold one!”

The prisoners surrounded him and looked at Yuchi, who was crying and making a fuss on the bed.

There was no other way.

From their impression, Yuchi seemed to have some mental problems.

In fact, Yuchi himself probably did not even know that he had mental problems.

However, the prisoners could see it from an outsiders point of view.

Sometimes, they could hear crazy laughter coming from the sea.

Sometimes, they would see Yuchi grinning and staring at the sea.

Sometimes, they would suddenly see Yuchi cleaning the prison.

Sometimes, they would even see him standing on the rooftop with his arms open and eyes closed, not saying a word.

He probably had some kind of mental illness.

However, this was a prison, and Yuchi did not have any social status, so no one would care about his mental problems, and neither did they know anything about mental treatment.


As such, they had no choice but to stand by and try to persuade him.

Yuchi, on the other hand, did not do anything other than cry from beginning to end.

He cried for a long time.


It was as if he had lost his most beloved toy.

Ten minutes later, the other prisoners heard Captain Chens order.

They had no choice but to leave first…

“Well be leaving first.”

“You just stay here and be good.”

“Well definitely find a way to get you to see a psychologist in the future.

“Be obedient.”

“Lets go,”

The prisoners took one last look at Yuchi, who was hugging his knees and curled up on the bed.

They shook their heads and sighed before leaving.

When they left, Yuchis crying stopped abruptly.

His expression instantly became one of indifference.

He inwardly sneered,You would rather be a warrior than a cowardly prisoner


‘Please stop insulting martial artists, okay

His play-acting had resulted in two things.

First, he had confirmed that the beast tamer and the girl were both prey.


Second, he now had an alibi.

A cold sneer gradually appeared on his face.

He raised his head and slapped himself with one hand.

The pain he felt on his face inexplicably made him happy.



“This world is more interesting than I thought.

Lets have some fun!”

“The rules of the game are very simple.”

“Lets see…”

“Whoever dies first, dies first!”



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