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30 minutes later, all of the prisoners were gathered in the courtyard.

The courtyard was relatively large, but it was already filled to the brim with prisoners.

“Has Yuchi come”

“No, he hasnt.”

“You didnt call him”

“Why are you shouting at me Hes only 18 years old.

Do you think he killed those hunters”

The burly man with a scar spoke as he looked in the direction of the sea.

All of the prisoners in the prison had come to the courtyard, except for Yuchi, who was still fishing.

The man in gold-rimmed glasses looked at the prisoners in front of him with satisfaction.

He opened his mouth and spoke.

“Although youve committed many crimes…”

“Although your souls are dirty…”

“Although Im disgusted by your existence…”


“At the very least, I have to say that you still have the sense to be obedient ingrained in your bones.”

“Ill explain the situation to you in simple terms.”

“As long as you do as I say, I can guarantee that you wont be in any danger.”


The man in gold-rimmed glasses did not care about the prisoners feelings, he just stood beside the ape-like soul beast with his hands behind his back.

In front of the angry gazes of all the prisoners, he said slowly, “The rules of this game are simple.”

“From now until the next half an hour, find him.”

“If you find him, youll have good wine.”

“Of course..”

“If you havent found this person in 30 minutes…”

“Ill take it as a personal insult.”

“Ill get angry.

Real angry.”

When the man in gold-rimmed glasses said these words, he did not even glance at the prisoners.

Instead, he looked at his nails.

His eyes were filled with disgust at the sight of the prison dust that had stained his nails.

When the prisoners heard his words, they clenched their fists tightly.

They really wanted to tear off the face of the man in gold-rimmed glasses, but looking at the rather ferocious ape-like soul beast, which was like a huge mountain in front of them, they could only suffer in silence.

However, the situation now was truly troublesome.

How could they know who had helped them from behind the scenes back then This person had never appeared in public since the beginning!

Under such circumstances, they had no chance of finding this person within 30 minutes.

This was an impossible task.

While the prisoners were whispering to each other, the man in gold-rimmed glasses walked over to Captain Chens side.

“As people from the Department of Inspection, when we receive a task, we should never think about how to accomplish the task ourselves, but rather how we should fob it off to the servants or slaves.”


“Looking at the current situation, we dont know how to find this person, but we can pass this responsibility directly to those prisoners.”

“Its far more convenient to have them fall out with each other over this matter than for us to rack our brains over it.”

“The higher-ups only want results.

As for whether the results are true or false, or how those results are obtained, they dont care at all.”

“Do you understand now, Captain Chen”


The man in gold-rimmed glasses patted Captain Chens shoulder after he finished speaking.

His eyes were still filled with disdain.

After he finished talking to the embarrassed Captain Chen, he raised his voice and said, “Oh, right.

Everyone, I forgot to remind you.”

“Were kind-hearted people, so if anyone is willing to step forward and admit to it, well reduce your sentence.”

“Life imprisonment can be reduced to fixed-term imprisonment, and the fixed-term imprisonment can be reduced by 10 or 20 years.”


“Given that, theres no need to hesitate about having done such an honorable thing.”

“If I did it, I would definitely reveal myself and become a hero in everyones eyes.”

“Thats all.

Im done.”

“You guys continue on.”

After saying that, the man in gold-rimmed glasses leaned against the side of the helicopters cabin and lowered his head to look at the pocket watch in his hand.

He liked the feeling of holding the time in his hand.

It made him feel that time was on his side.

The seconds went by quickly and, soon, 30 minutes passed.

When he raised his head again, a man had already appeared in front of him.

“Was it you” He asked.

“I did it,” The scar-faced man answered calmly.

As he spoke, a brick appeared in his hand.

He squeezed the brick in his hand so strongly that all the blood vessels in his arm bulged.

When he took a look at the brick again, it had been crushed into two!


“Its actually a lowly martial arts warrior.

I thought that he was a beast tamer who had hidden his strength well.”

“But your strength is still insufficient.

You are still at the body refinement realm, far from qi refinement realm, let alone soul refinement.”

“And you are the most powerful one in this group.”

“Alright,” he said.

“Although I look down on you, I admire your courage.”

In the face of the mans endless chattering, the scar-faced man chose to remain silent.

He knew that he was not their hero.

The last time these hunters came, he had tried to fight a soul beast, but he soon realized that he was no match for the soul beast, so he was forced to beat a hasty retreat.

The reason why he stood up now was because he wanted to gamble.

He wanted to leave the Netherworld Sea prison.

He was desperate because of his wife and daughter.

He had killed someone from the Department of Inspection back then.

Though it was in self-defense, he was sentenced to life imprisonment.

That was not something he could accept.

He wanted to see his wife and daughter again.

Since no one was willing to reveal himself, he would!

“Lets go,” he said.

“What are you still doing there” The man in gold-rimmed glasses boarded the helicopter.

In this world, martial arts warriors were looked down upon.

Under the onslaught of beast tamers, martial arts warriors were seen as just a group of reckless individuals.


However, beast taming required a lot of money and resources, as well as a decently strong family background.

As such, some humans still chose to tread the martial path.

Of course, this kind of thing could not be overly publicized.

After all, the kind of secret training needed to strengthen ones physique required one to do some cruel and life-threatening things.

It could never be compared with the noble profession of a beast tamer.


The scar-faced man did not speak.

He boarded the helicopter without a word.

Captain Chen and the others also boarded the helicopter in silence.

Five minutes later.

The helicopter left the prison, leaving behind a lot of alcohol.

Yuchi stood in the corner of the crowd.

He crossed his arms and looked at the helicopter in the sky that was gradually disappearing into the distance.

He was in a state of deep thought.

The man had just given this group of prisoners a chance.

If one of them admitted that they were the person behind this matter, then there was indeed a chance for their sentence to be reduced, or perhaps absolved altogether.

However, this matter was still quite risky.

He had also observed the performance of the prisoners in the past 30 minutes.

Many of the prisoners were quite conflicted.

On the one hand, they wanted to stand up and say that they were the ones who did it but, on the other hand, they were afraid that they would be harmed by these vicious people.

In the end, there were indeed a few people who finally decided to step out and take this chance to leave the Netherworld Sea prison.

It was just that they had not expected the scar-faced man to take the lead.

‘It was your choice and chance.

Youve chosen your own path, so you have to walk it on your own, Yuchi thought to himself.


This was the first time he had officially met someone from the Department of Inspection.

He had to admit that they did not leave a good impression on him.

This group of people…

Seemed very dirty!

The facts would prove Yuchis judgment right.

On the helicopter, the sharp and joyful voice of the man with gold-rimmed eyes could be heard on the radio channel.

“This world needs heroes, but this world will never need heroes who are out of control.

And you have stepped forward this time.

Are you willing to submit to us”

“If youre willing, we can bring you into the fold.”

“If you dont… Then who knows who the real hero is”

“We can always find someone else to replace you.”

“Make your own decision.”



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