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After the matter regarding the crocodile-man was resolved, Yuchi returned to his old fishing lifestyle.

He really wanted to meet the Three-headed Naga Siren again, but it had been a long time since he last saw it.

“I wonder when Ill be able to meet it again.

I really want to fight it to my hearts content.”

It had been three months since he had come to the prison, and one month since the hunters had been exterminated.

The crocodile-mans corpse should not be wasted.

With the assistance of the fishing rod and the crocodile-man, Yuchis strength increased even further.

[Name: Yuchi]

[Constitution: 1812]

[Strength: 1812]

[Speed: 1812]

[Skill 1: Devour.

A Faceless Anaconda can devour its prey and gradually evolve itself, resulting in a permanent increase in strength.]

[Skill 2: Gluttonous Mouth.

Use the Nightmares mouth to bite others, causing great pain while restraining the enemy.]

[Skill 3: Hellfire.

Hurl clusters of blinding hellfire to burn your enemies like maggots!]

[Skill 4: Parasitism.

Create a parasite that can burrow itself into the enemys body to suck away their vitality!]

His attributes seemed quite powerful, but he did not know what the levels of beast tamers were out there and how he would fare against them if they really fought.


This kind of thing could not be understood by simply thinking about it.

One would only know for sure after fighting.

While Yuchi was sitting by the shore and fishing, he noticed that another helicopter was flying above him.

This helicopter was different from the previous two cargo helicopters.

This helicopter was obviously meant for passengers.

The words “netherworld sea prison” could be seen emblazoned on the side of the helicopter.

“These guys should be the people in charge of the Netherworld Sea prison.”

Yuchi only spared them a brief glance and thought before continuing to sit there and fish as if nothing had happened.

Under normal circumstances, no outsiders would come to the Netherworld Sea prison.

The people in-charge would either come to send or pick up prisoners.

There were no guards, or even a head warden, in the prison.

This time, they were here to pick up the prisoners.

When the prisoners had finished their sentences, they would be taken back to the city.

According to the rules, prisoners had to be observed for a year after returning to the city.

Although they were not restrained during this year-long period, if the police asked them to report in, they would have to come back and report their whereabouts and activities.

After a year, they would become free men again.

The people in the helicopter were even more relaxed.

They had a good relationship with the prisoners.

Sometimes, they would even tease the prisoners by saying that they were living in paradise.

However, just as the helicopter was about to land, they realized that the Netherworld Sea prison looked different!

“Be careful!”

“Theres so much blood around the landing area!”


“Someone died here!”

The helicopter pilot immediately shouted these three sentences over the radio channel.

The few people who had been chatting casually over the radio immediately became alert.

They immediately pulled open the helicopter door and looked down.

Indeed, he could see blood all over the landing area!

Although the corpses in the courtyard had been disposed of, the dark red blood stains on the ground could still be clearly seen!

The amount of blood they could see in front of them was simply terrifying.

Compared to these panicked people, the prisoners in the Netherworld Sea prison were even more panicked.

They had been ambushed by a helicopter before, so they were now all hiding in the prison like birds startled by the mere twang of a bow.

When they finally noticed that the other party were acquaintances, they came out of the buildings one by one.

The prisoners heaved a heavy sigh of relief.

They walked over to the tarmac and waved to the helicopter in the sky.

“Come down, you guys!”

“Dont be afraid!”

The helicopter only dared to land after the prisoners started waving at them.

An hour later, the few people in charge of the prison were filled with shock.

“A month ago, hunters came to the prison and attacked you guys indiscriminately”

“So much so that more than three hundred prisoners died on the spot”

“We dont know what happened after that.

It seemed like someone helped us and annihilated all of the hunters.”

The head of the group looked at the prisoner representative in front of him in horror.

The prisoner immediately nodded and recalled the situation that day.

“Yes, two cargo helicopters came that day.

After the cargo helicopters landed in our prison courtyard, a beast tamer came out with his soul beast.

They didnt even give us a chance to speak at all.

The courtyard turned into hell on earth in an instant!”


“We really dont know who saved us later on!”

“In any case, these beast tamers were killed in the end.

Their soul beasts also died!”

When the prisoner representative mentioned this, the other prisoners nodded their heads repeatedly.

Their eyes were full of gratitude.

To be honest, in this world, human lives were not worth much, and the lives of prisoners like them were considered almost entirely worthless.

Even if all the prisoners were killed in the hunters attack, it would not have caused a stir.

No one on the internet or the outside world would care about them.

After all, to the people on the internet, as long as you made a mistake, no matter whether it was a big mistake or a small mistake, then you would never be able to turn over a new leaf.

Evil people would always be evil people.


In the end, they were saved by someone else.

It was impossible for them not to be touched.

They wanted to express their gratitude, but did not know who to express it to.

“Alright, alright, we understand the situation now.”

“So, do you still have the corpses of those hunters” The few people in charge looked at each other.

They were all frightened.

The prisoner representative immediately nodded!

“Follow me!”

In the evening, Yuchi was sitting by the sea and looked at the Netherworld Sea with a dazed expression.

He kept thinking about the day when he had encountered the Three-headed Naga Siren.

How strong was the Three-headed Naga Siren

If he managed to defeat it, how much power would he gain

What skills would he gain

All of these thoughts were flashing through his mind.

At this moment, the sound of a helicopter came from behind.

Yuchi turned his head to look at the sky behind him.

He could see a helicopter flying over his head, gradually leaving the area where the Netherworld Sea prison was located.

“Dont worry.

The matter is already being investigated.”

At this moment, a brawny man with a knife scar on his face walked over.

The brawny man looked at Yuchi sitting on the beach and said, “Dont be afraid.

When you have time, come over and play cards with us and relax.

You hide on the shore every day as if youre afraid that well bully you.”

He had clearly misunderstood.

In the prisoners eyes, Yuchi was a rather odd existence.

He usually did not move around with the other prisoners, and would always sit by the sea and fish.

Sometimes, he would just sit for the entire day.

He did not catch anything, but he just sat there quietly.

In the past, the prisoners had not cared about his strange behavior at all.

This time, thanks to the hunters attack, the prisoners gained a new understanding.

‘Since we are all in the same boat, we should get along well at this time.

After all, were the only ones who would care about each other as prisoners.

Yuchi only smiled and did not say anything.

Everything was conveyed without words.

The two of them then sat there and watched the helicopter leave the Netherworld Sea prison.

‘I wonder what will happen to the Netherworld Sea prison


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