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At night, when no one was around, Yuchi returned to the prison silently.

He raised his head and looked at the sky above.

The sky was still covered in a layer of fog, almost as if hinting that the events of the day before had not yet fully dissipated.

This was the way of the world.

In this chaotic world, people and beasts killed each other, and human lives were treated like grass.

Yuchis eyes brightened with some joy when he saw the corpse at the edge of the courtyard.

Since the devour skill could permanently increase ones strength by devouring prey, according to conventional understanding, the stronger the prey was, the more strength one would gain after devouring it.

There was not anything good to eat in the prison.

The most common rations were all kinds of compressed dry food.

In that case, the most nutritious thing Yuchi could consume were these soul beasts.

There were a total of four soul beasts this time; one was burned to ashes, another was sucked dry into a lifeless hush, and yet another was directly torn to pieces by the gluttony.

There was only one left…

Looking at the hairy spirit beast in front of him, which looked like a drenched chicken, Yuchi was very calm.

Taking advantage of the fact that there was no one around, he pulled off a leg from the soul beasts body.

He looked at the hairy leg that was still spurting blood, he frowned.

“Do I have to eat it raw”

“Thats not healthy, right”

“Dont tell me that soul beasts can be made into sashimi”

Yuchi shivered.

He carried the soul beast leg to the shore, started a bonfire, and began to roast it.


30 minutes later…

Yuchi looked at the charred object in his hand, which barely resembled a chicken leg, and an expression of disgust appeared on his face.

After taking a bite, Yuchi discovered that the outside was cooked, but the inside was still raw and bloody.

The smell was pungent!

He could only endure it! With a ferocious expression, he chomped down quickly and swallowed the whole thing into his stomach!

The bone that was thicker than his thigh was thrown into the ocean, after which he began to observe his current attributes.

As a warm feeling gradually spread throughout his body, all his attributes started to slowly increase!

The rate at which his attributes increased was not fast, about 1 point every 10 minutes.

Even so, it had far exceeded his expectations.

The triangular cone nightmare could only increase each of his attributes by 1 point, but after eating this unknown guy, his attributes actually increased by 1 point every 10 minutes.

“Yes, this works!”

Yuchi was satisfied.

Devour was a divine skill!

Over the next few days, Yuchi went fishing while eating parts of the soul beast bite by bite.

The prisoners did not notice Yuchis actions, only that the soul beasts corpse had disappeared.

They did not dare to ask about it and could only pretend that they had not seen anything.

At this moment, Yuchi was calmly watching as yet another triangular cone nightmare entered his body, after which he stowed away the fishing rod.

It was as if he had poked its nest these past few days, so he had scored a triangular cone nightmare every day.

Fortunately, he had already experienced what it felt like to catch nothing but triangular cone nightmares for a whole month in a row.

Otherwise, this might have psychologically scarred him.

“Ive already eaten the whole soul beast.

It gave me a 100-point increase in each of my attributes.”

“This skill is really good.”

“This harvest was almost the same as fishing up a C grade ancient monster.”

He decided that, in the future, when he killed other soul beasts, he had to ensure that their corpses remained complete.

At the edge of the cliff, Yuchi looked around.

It was already late at night, so he quietly returned to the prison alone.

He walked over to a particular building that no one visited and soon arrived at the basement.

The basement was filled with all kinds of junk.

Yuchi moved the storage rack away and groped around the wall.

He found a small depression in the wall behind the storage rack.

He placed his right index finger on the depression and pulled open a heavy stone door.

A staircase heading downward was revealed.

Yuchi did not hesitate.

He descended the stairs, which curved at an angle, and finally arrived at a relatively open space.

Thick stone walls surrounded this space, and the air inside here was rather turbid.

There was some strange bluish-purple smoke floating around as well.

In the center of the blue-purple smoke, there was a large reptile that looked like a crocodile.

The crocodile was three meters long, had sharp fangs, and a tail covered in triangular scales.

It looked quite domineering.

“This is it” Yuchi frowned.

This guy was the reason behind the hunters arrival, which resulted in the deaths of so many prisoners.

Yuchi walked toward the other party step-by-step.

He had only taken two steps when the soul beast suddenly spoke u[.

“Youre here to subdue me, right”

“If so, you have to accept three tests.”

“Otherwise, I will never become your soul beast!”

The soul beast slowly opened its eyes.

As its double eyelids criss-crossed and shifted, its pair of dark red eyes fell on Yuchi.

It gradually stood up, and when Yuchi looked at it again, he saw that it looked like a crocodile, except that it was walking on two feet.

Its eyes were filled with confidence!

If other beast tamers saw this, they would be overjoyed!

This was a crocodile-man!

It was so powerful that it could easily tear apart many enemies with its mouth!

In the end, Yuchi chose not to speak.

Of course, he was not here to subdue it.

He had no interest in this crocodile-man.

He was just here to express his stance.

If there was something that he was really interested in…



There was a brief hint of confusion in the crocodile-mans eyes.

Why did it feel that there was something wrong with the other partys expression Why did it feel like he was being viewed as some sort of exotic delicacy

Was it wrong


It had to have seen it wrongly.

“If you dont speak, then Ill take your silence as tacit agreement.

You have to pass three of my tests, and these three tests are…”

“Not interested,” Yuchi replied.

Soul beast: “”

The crocodile-man was stunned.

Who was this helmet-wearing guy He had waltzed right over into its territory and, in the end, told it right to its face that he was not interested in it!

“Im a C grade soul beast!”

“Im a soul beast that was forcefully raised from C to C grade.”

“With my help, you will become a very powerful beast tamer!”

“Even if you dont have enough soul power to control me, you can sell me off for at least twenty to thirty million!”

“Youre saying that youre not interested in me in this situation!”

“Dont joke around!”


The crocodile-man kept talking, but Yuchis words had exceeded its bottom line.

Yuchis voice could be heard from behind the helmet he was wearing.


“Im not interested in subduing you.

Im just here to inform you of something.”

“Ill be straightforward.”

“You can no longer hide in this prison.”

“Pack up your stuff over the next two days, then fly a helicopter and leave this prison.”


You want me to fly a helicopter and leave “You…” The crocodile-man was shocked.

“You want me to leave this area!”

“Yes,” Yuchi nodded.

“Why!” The crocodile-man was confused.

Yuchi was indifferent.

“Because your existence has attracted a lot of hunters.”

“These hunters will kill the prisoners.”

“Although I dont know why you came to this prison, you shouldnt be here.”

To him, this prison was a relatively stable and safe place.

Given those circumstances, he could not tolerate the existence of any uncertain factors.

He would never buy the excuse that the crocodile-man had been born in this place.

“Your presence here, even though youre hiding, is an imminent threat to the prisoners safety and security.”

Yuchi could not just sit back and do nothing about this matter.

Things were just as Yuchi had speculated.

The crocodile-man had snuck into this place, relying on the prison to protect itself to live in peace!

Therefore, if one really had to argue as to who was right or wrong, it was clearly the crocodile-man who was in the wrong.


This was akin to hiding in someone elses house.

This was not a place that soul beasts should be.

Yuchi did not directly attack the crocodile-man this time, primarily because he thought that he had been a little irritable recently, so he was trying to restrain himself.

Therefore, after thinking about it, he decided not to.

After Yuchi finished speaking, the crocodile-man laughed.

A terrifying smile appeared on its face as its huge body gradually walked in Yuchis direction.

The two front claws scraped against each other, producing a powerful grating noise.

“Sure! However, if you want to chase me away, Ill have to see if you have the ability to do so!”



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