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At the center of the dark green Netherworld Sea, there was a gray prison.

There was no one in charge of the prison, and the prisoners would only be transported off once it was time for their release.

There was a seventeen or eighteen-year-old teenager on the shore.

He was holding a fishing rod, and there was a small teacup placed beside him.

His eyes were expressionless, and he was cursing while fishing.

“Although I loved fishing in my previous life, you cant mess with me like this!”

“He died in an accident after coming to this dangerous area”


“The Netherworld Sea is to the north of the human lands…”

“I cant believe I got slapped with a ten-year prison sentence right after transmigrating!”


Yuchi sighed.

The memories of his host body did not take long to digest.

The previous owner of this body had been someone who loved to leverage debt.

Not too long ago, this person had leveraged a hundred times the capital he had on hand, in the hopes of changing his fate.


He wanted to borrow money to start anew…

He wanted his familiars to be invincible…

He also wanted to run away without paying his debt…

However, reality had been cruel.


Yuchis current situation was precarious.

On the one hand, he had no friends to speak of.

On the other hand, he had no talent when it came to taming soul beasts.

To top it all off, he had a lot of enemies.


“Im stuck in a terrifying world where everyone uses familiars to fight, with no way of taming soul beasts, and I have many enemies!”


“This kind of opening hand is simply diabolical.”


“Did I dig up the ancestral graves of some heavenly beings”


Yuchi felt like puking blood.

After taking a small sip of tea, he looked at the fishing rod in his hand with a frown.

The fishing rod was an ordinary bamboo fishing rod that was about three meters long.

This fishing rod had been in his possession since Yuchi was young and, thanks to it, he had never lost a single fish throughout all these years.


Now, it had been brought with him into such a dangerous world.


The netherworld sea was a sea of green.

There were not even any fish in this sea, so how or where could he fish in peace

“Im really lonely.”

Just as Yuchi was starting to feel bored about spending his next ten years in prison, an eye-catching notification suddenly appeared in his mind.

However, before he could see what the notification was, he suddenly felt a tug on the fishing rod in his hand.


Yuchi was stunned.

He looked at the scene in front of him in disbelief!

His three-meter-long fishing rod did not even have bait on its hook!

Moreover, he did not know how deep this glossy green sea was.

He could only see the surface of the sea, but somehow the entire fishing rod had already bent as if it had caught something extremely large or heavy!

It even started making squeaking sounds!

“Did I catch a ghost or something”

Yuchi was momentarily stunned, but soon stopped hesitating.

Out of habit, he pulled the fishing rod upward with all his might.

He had a lifetime of trust in this fishing rod.

No matter how hard he pulled, he would leave the rest to a miracle!

As Yuchis hands gradually exerted force, it felt like the baitless fishing hook had caught the entire boundless Netherworld Sea!


He had somehow managed to grab hold of a ferocious Netherworld Sea creature!

“Did I really encounter an evil spirit”

Yuchi clenched his teeth while firmly exerting force on the fishing rod.

He started to sweat.

His eyes narrowed and he immediately looked down at the dark green sea in front of him.

There was actually a dark blue phantom that was glowing with a faint green light under the surface of the sea!

The phantom was over a meter long, and it looked like a ghostly head without a body.

Its malevolent face was filled with hysterical hatred.

The pair of fangs growing out of its face made it look even more nightmarish.

Seeing it was enough to make ones scalp go numb!

“What the hell is that”

Yuchis rational side was telling him to let go.

If he lost the fishing rod, then so be it.

It was far more important to keep his life!

After all, even if he lost the fishing rod, he could still easily summon it again tomorrow!


However, his emotional side told him to take a gamble.

After all, he possessed nothing now.

Even if he was released after serving his ten years in prison, countless enemies would come looking for him to reclaim their money.



Thinking about how miserable the rest of his life would be, the phantom in front of him suddenly seemed a little cute.


“Im not even afraid of dying, so why should I be afraid of you!”

His strong hands exploded with a wave of power!

The qi and blood essence in his body seemed to merge into the emerald green bamboo pole.


The bamboo pole gradually became covered with vein-like patterns, and the bamboo pole actually seemed to come alive!


The vein-like patterns were all over the bamboo pole!

The bamboo pole became stronger as the veins pulsed!



This was the heartbeat of the fishing rod, or perhaps it was Yuchis heartbeat!


Yuchis face suddenly seemed like it had lost a lot of blood, almost as if he had channeled all his energy into this fishing rod!

There was silence, but after a long time…

He shouted!

“A real man should catch big fish!”

“A real man should face the darkness and storms on the sea!”

“Here I go!”

“Come at me!”

He was roaring hysterically.

His hands were raised up, and all kinds of terrifying ghostly figures seemed to have been stirred up under the sea.

The fishing rod made a gorgeous arc in front of Yuchi as he finally pulled up the phantom!

His face immediately lit up.



This fleeting moment was the most refreshing and satisfying experience for a fisherman…

However, this feeling of pleasure did not last long, and the excitement of a successful catch quickly faded.

This was because the phantom head hand landed in front of him after being caught.

The phantom head bared its fangs and laughed maliciously.


Yuchis face turned bitter.

His body trembled, and he laughed.


An extremely tragic cry could be heard across the entire coast, but the prisoners were not surprised and pretended not to hear it.


Two minutes later, the surface of the ocean returned to its calm state, and the Netherworld Sea rippled peacefully.

The fishing rod in Yuchis hand had already disappeared.

At this moment, he was standing on the beach in disbelief.

A notification mysteriously appeared in his mind.

[Catch: Netherworld Sea – Triangular Cone Nightmare]

[Grade: C]

[Attribute: Ghost]

[Skill: Swarm]

[Introduction: A member of an ancient netherworld species that lives in the Netherworld Sea.

There are usually tens of thousands of them.

When there are a large number of them, they can use their sharp fangs to tear apart the Grade B netherworld species!]

Yuchi read the description word by word.

After reading it, he shivered.

“Its already terrifying enough by itself.

Its even more brutal than many beast tamers pet beasts!”

“And youre telling me that this thing lives in groups”

“As expected, ancient species are fierce.”

If an uninformed person fell into the territory of a Triangular Cone Nightmare, and saw a swarm of nightmares coming at them, how psychologically traumatic would that be

Yuchi wiped the sweat off his forehead.

There had been a notification in his mind just now.

The notification included a few lines of text that read:

[Fishing difficulty: S]

After a brief glance, he quickly realized that every time he snagged a catch, the fishing rod, which had been with him all his life, would send him a notification regarding the difficulty of the fishing target.

C-grade: Success rate 100%.

There was no need to worry at all, just pull it up!

B-grade: Success rate of 60%.

There was no need to worry too much, just deal with the problems as they came!

A-grade: Success rate of 20%.

Im starting to worry now.

Catching this thing is very difficult!


S-grade: Success rate of 10%.

Be careful.

If you really cant do it, consider giving up this time!

SS-grade: Success rate of 3%.

Lets fight it out with the fish! Everybody dies at some point anyway!


SSS-rank: Success rate of 1%.

If youre not satisfied with your current life, fight this prey to the end.

Either you die or it dies!



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